Opening of Tuas West Extension

Last edited 19 Jun 2017 – UPDATED for corrections

The Tuas West Extension of the East-West Line will be opened on 18 June 2017 to the public.

Comprising of four above-ground MRT stations, EW30 Gul Circle, EW31 Tuas Crescent, EW32 Tuas West Road, and EW33 Tuas Link, serving the Jurong and Tuas Industrial Estates, the Tuas West Extension will bring commuters more convenience for significant travel time savings.

In addition, the project also included the Tuas Viaduct which opened in February this year, the Tuas MRT Depot, and a new bus terminal on the roof of the train depot. The train depot has started receiving trains but the bus terminal will only commence operations in the near future.

To enhance last-mile connectivity between the MRT stations and the factories in the area, the Land Transport Authority has implemented a slew of bus service changes in the area. We will be sharing more details of the bus service changes below.

An open house of the Tuas West Extension will be held on 16 May 2017, 12.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Visitors may ride trains on the new Extension for free, and participate in many activities held at the carnival. This is similar to the Downtown Line 2 Carnival held less than two years ago. All four stations will be opened for the public to enjoy a sneak preview.

To raise awareness of the Extension, the Authority has organised many roving exhibitions at four stations along the existing East-West Line. More details of the roving exhibitions can be found in the Authority’s Press Release.

The entire Tuas West Extension is only fitted with the new signalling system. Therefore, trains will switch their on-board system from the old Fixed-Block system to the Moving Block system at EW28 Pioneer MRT Station. This will take about 2 minutes. The same applies for eastbound trains from Tuas Link; they will have to switch from the new to the old systems at Pioneer as well. The Moving Block system will be permanently activated between Pioneer and EW29 Joo Koon MRT Stations to allow smooth transitions.

Trains will no longer have to switch systems once the Moving Block system is fully activated to the entire East-West Line in 2018.

Only one train every four to five minutes during peak hours and every eight to ten minutes during off-peak hours will​ serve the Extension when opened. This will be every alternate train. All other trains will terminate at Joo Koon. Passengers are advised to check the destination on the platform display screens if heading to Tuas.

The first and last​ train timings along the Extension are as follows:

  • East-Bound Service towards Pasir Ris


    First Train towards

    Pasir Ris

    Last Train towards  Pasir Ris

    Mon – Sat

    Sun/ PH


    EW33 Tuas Link




    EW32 Tuas West Road




    EW31 Tuas Crescent




    EW30 Gul Circle




  • West-Bound Service towards Tuas Link


    First Train towards

    Tuas Link

    Last Train towards Tuas Link

    Mon – Sat

    Sun/ PH


    EW30 Gul Circle




    EW31 Tuas Crescent




    EW32 Tuas West Road




    EW33 Tuas Link (Arr)




To tie in with the new MRT stations, six bus services – 192, 193, 247, 248, 254, 256, and 258 – will be changed from 18 June 2017.

Bus Services 247 and 248 are new bus services, Bus Service 256 will be withdrawn, and Bus Services 192, 254, and 258 will receive route amendments to serve the new MRT Stations. Bus Service 193 will have two new bus stops added to its route – 24719 and 24711.

Please refer to the following posters for more details.


  • SBST
  • Singapore Public Transportation
  • SMRT

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