Transfer of operator (Seletar Bus Package 2018)

Last edited 27 May 2017 – PUBLISHING

From 1Q 2018, SBS Transit Ltd, the winning tenderer of the Seletar Bus Package under the Bus Contracting Model, will take over operations of the 13 bus services previously not operated by the company.

Bus Services 800, 803, 804, 805, 806, 811, 812, 850E, 851, 852, and 860 will be handed over to SBS Transit Ltd from SMRT Buses Pte Ltd.

There will be no change in route and first and last bus timings to all 26 bus services under the package; however, frequencies of about 12 of them will improve to no more than 15 minutes for all directions during peak periods, with at least half of them having scheduled headways of no more than 10 minutes. Of these, the feeder services will run at intervals of 6-8 minutes. These are as per BCM guidelines.

We will progressively update the individual pages of the affected bus services to reflect the correct frequencies.


  • Singapore Public Transportation

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