Bus Service 858B (SMRT Buses Pte Ltd)

Information in this article with effect from 9 Jul 2017 — Changes in b/s dist

Bus Service 858B is a Short Trip bus service operating from Jalan Kayu and looping at Changi, via Tampines, Punggol, and Sengkang.

Bus Service 858B Information

RouteInline image 1

Jalan Kayu to PTB2 Basement (Loop)


SMRT Buses Private Limited

Departure Times

Weekdays: 0630 h to 0830 h

Saturdays: No operation

Sundays and Public Holidays: No operation


0630 h to 0830 h: To be confirmed

0831 h to 1659 h: Not applicable

1700 h to 1900 h: Not applicable

19 01 h to 06 29 h (+1): Not applicable

Fare: Bus Service 858B charges Distance Fares for Basci bsu Services.

Bus Service 858B links to Changi in East. Much of the route are express sectors along Tampines and Pan-Island Expressways.

At Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings 1, 2, and 3, the bus stops are located at the basement levels together with the cargo loading and unloading bays. Security checks are conducted before every bus enters each Building, for unattended or suspicious articles.

Bus Service 858B Route Details:

  • D1
    Distance (km) Bus Stop
    Road / Bus Stop Description
    Jln Kayu
    0.0  68111  • Bef Seletar Camp G
    4.0  65199  • Aft Punggol Rd
    Airport Blvd
    15.5  95151  • Airport Police Stn
    16.0  95011  • Bef Changi Airport PTB3
    PTB3 Basement
    17.2  95109  • Changi Airport PTB3
    PTB1 Basement
    18.0  95029  • Changi Airport PTB1
    PTB2 Basement
    18.8  95129  • Changi Airport PTB2
    Airport Blvd
    19.8  95019  • Aft Changi Airport PTB2
    20.7  95159  • Near SATS Flight Kitchen
    32.4  65191  • Bef Punggol Rd
    Jln Kayu
    36.8  68119  • Aft Seletar Camp G

Parent bus service and its route variants:

Route History:


  • TransitLink eGuide

Last edited 23 Jun 2017 — UPDATED for Changes in b/s dist (9 Jul 2017)


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