Bus Service 902 (SMRT Buses Pte Ltd)

Information in this article with effect from 1 Jan 2017

Bus Service 902 is a Feeder bus service operating from Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange to Woodlands Avenue 9, via Woodlands Avenue 2.

Bus Service 902 Information

RouteInline image 1

Woodlands Regional Centre to Woodlands Avenue 9


SMRT Buses Private Limited

Departure Times

Weekdays: 0730 h to 1000 h

Saturdays: No operation

Sundays and Public Holidays: No operation


0630 h to 0830 h: 3 min to 9 min

0831 h to 1659 h: 2 min to 7 min

1700 h to 1900 h: Not applicable

1901 h to 0629 h (+1): Not applicable

Fare: Bus Service 902 charges Distance Fares for Basic Bus Services, capped at 3.2 kilometres.

Bus Service 902 operates unidirectionally — the only Feeder bus service not to operate as a loop — and has the shortest route of all bus services in Singapore.

It provides students and staff of Republic Polytechnic a direct, express connection from Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange and MRT Station.

Although the distance between both sites is short, many students use this bus service for its convenience as they often do not have to pay for the ride due to the fare structure and transfer rebates.

Alternatively, Bus Service 169 also serves this connection.

Bus Service 902 Route Details:

  • D1
    Distance (km) Bus Stop
    Road / Bus Stop Description
    Woodlands Reg Ctr
    0.0  46009  • Woodlands Reg Int
    W’lands Ave 9
    1.0  46269  • Republic Poly

Route History:

  • Before 1 Jan 2017 — Unavailable


  • TransitLink eGuide

Last edited 10 Jun 2017 — PUBLISHING


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