Bus Service 912E (SMRT Buses Pte Ltd)

Information in this article with effect from 1 Jan 2017

Bus Service 912E is a Short Trip route variant of Intra-town Bus Service 912.

Bus Service 912 is a dual-loop service, serving the East Loop via Woodlands Avenue 7, and the West Loop via Woodlands Centre Road. A full trip will operate the East Loop from the Interchange, return to the interchange, operate the West Loop, return to the interchange, operate the East Loop, and so on.

Therefore, when travelling on Bus 912, you can stay on the bus as long as you like, e.g. from Woodlands Avenue 7 to Woodlands Centre Road.

However, when the driver needs a rest after travelling a few full trips, he or she will change the Electronic Display Signage of the bus to show bus number 912E before he boards passengers for the West Loop. This signifies that the bus will terminate its service when it goes back to Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange again and will not continue on the East Loop.

Therefore, West Loop passengers headed for a destination along the East Loop, please wait for a bus numbered 912. Alternatively, you may board 912E but you will have to change buses at the interchange.

For more information about the route of Bus 912, please visit the main article of Bus 912.

In addition, one mid-route departure is also operated as Bus 912E. It is:

  • Mid-route #1

    Starting bus stop

    Woodlands Regional Centre, 46008 Woodlands Regional Interchange

    Operational hours

    Weekdays: 0530 h to 0550 h

    Saturdays: 0530 h to 0550 h

    Sundays and Public Holidays: 0540 h to 0550 h


    0630 h to 0830 h:Not applicable

    0831 h to 1659 h: Not applicable

    1700 h to 1900 h: Not applicable

    1901 h to 0629 h (+1): To be confirmed

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