Bus Service 973 (SMB Pte Ltd)

Information in this article with effect from 4 Sept 2017 — Opening of BPITH

Bus Service 973 is a Trunk bus service operating between Bukit and Hume, via Pending, Petir, and Hill.

Bus Service 973 Information

Route Inline image 1

Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange to Hume Avenue (Loop)


SMRT Buses Private Limited

Departure Times

Weekdays: 0530 h to 0005 h (+1)

Saturdays: 0530 h to 0005 h (+1)

Sundays and Public Holidays: 0530 h to 0005 h (+1)


0630 h to 0830 h: 10 min to 13 min

0831 h to 1659 h: 12 min

1700 h to 1900 h: 10 min to 12 min

1901 h to 0629 h (+1): 10 min to 15 min

Fare: Bus Service 973 charges Distance Fares for Basic Bus Services.

Bus Service 973 links residents of mostly Petir, and Hume, as well as Pending to BP6/DT1 Bukit Panjang and DT3 Hillview MRT and LRT Stations.

The short Trunk bus service duplicates Bus Services 700 and 700A from Bukit to Petir.

As buses need to keep to the right lane to enter Dairy Farm Road from Upper Bukit Timah Road near DT3 Hillview MRT Station, it does not call at 43061 Hillview Station along Upper Bukit Timah Road. As such, commuters from Hume headed for DT3 Hillview MRT Station should alight at 42991 Before Hillview Station Exit B along Upper Bukit Timah Road and walk forward to the station.

From DT3 Hillview MRT Station, commuters headed for Hume can board at 43069 opposite Hillview Station at Exit A. Commuters from Petir and Bukit should alight here for the MRT Station.

Commuters headed for Petir and Bukit should board at 43891 after Dairy Farm Crescent along Dairy Farm Road by using Exit A and crossing Dairy Farm Road. This walkway is not sheltered. Alternatively, they may also board at b/s 42991.

In addition, Bus Service 973 also serves schools including Zhenghua Primary School and Trinty Theological College, shopping centres including Bukit Panjang Plaza, HillV2, and The Rail Mall, Bukit Panjang Park, Bukit Panjang N2 Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park, Senja-Cashew Community Club, Bukit Panjang Community Club, Hillview Community Club, and MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre, as well as BP8 Pending LRT Station.

Bus Service 973 Route Details:

  • D1
    Distance (km) Bus Stop
    Road / Bus Stop Description
        Petir Rd
     45009  • Bt Panjang Int
        Bt Panjang Rd
     44241  • Opp Lompang Rd
     44231  • Zhenghua Pr Sch
        Pending Rd
     44229  • Bef Pending Stn
        Petir Rd
     44371  • Blk 219
     44381  • Blk 202
     44351  • Aft Chestnut Ave
     44361  • Bef Dairy Farm Rd
        Dairy Farm Rd
     43969  • Bef Dairy Farm Hts
     43899  • Bef Dairy Farm Cres
        Upp Bt Timah Rd
     43069  • Opp Hillview Stn
        Hillview Rd
     43279  • Aft Hillview Stn
        Hillview Ave
     43268  • Hillington Green Condo
        Hume Ave
     43811  • Bef Summerhill
     43821  • Opp Symphony Hts
        Upp Bt Timah Rd
     43041  • Hume Pk Condo
     43051  • Opp The Rail Mall
     42991  • Bef Hillview Stn Exit B
        Dairy Farm Rd
     43891  • Aft Dairy Farm Cres
     43961  • Aft Dairy Farm Hts
        Petir Rd
     44369  • Aft Dairy Farm Rd
     44359  • Bef Chestnut Ave
     44389  • Opp Blk 201
     44379  • Opp Blk 219
        Pending Rd
     44221  • Opp Pending Stn
        Bt Panjang Rd
     44239  • Opp Zhenghua Pr Sch
     44249  • Blk 174
        Jelebu Rd
     44639  • Bt Panjang Plaza
        Petir Rd
     45009  • Bt Panjang Int

Mid-route Departures:

  • Mid-route #1

    Starting bus stop

    Petir Rd, 44369 Aft Dairy Farm Rd

    Operational hours

    Weekdays: 0535 h to 0546 h

    Saturdays: 0535 h to 0546 h

    Sundays and Public Holidays: 0535 h to 0546 h


    0630 h to 0830 h: Not applicable

    0831 h to 1659 h: Not applicable

    1700 h to 1900 h: Not applicable

    1901 h to 0629 h (+1): 11 min

Route History:


  • TransitLink eGuide

Last edited 9 Aug 2017 — UPDATED for Opening of BPITH (4 Sep 2017)


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