Beeline and GrabShuttle

Information in this article with effect from March 2017 — Introduction of GrabShuttle

Beeline is a crowd-sourced bus service platform allowing users to crowd-start a new route while also using data analytics to identify demand patterns. It allows private bus operators to find their passengers, serving as a demand matching platform. Passengers use a mobile application available for Apple and Android devices to book seats on activated routes.

Beeline was set up by the Infocomm Development Authority, now known as the Infocomm Media Development Authority. Commuters will indicate on the application their preferred boarding point and drop-off point, and routes will be created when there is sufficient demand for a similar route. Routes will be amended every month, with new routes introduced or activated every now and then, to meet with the constantly-changing demand patterns of commuters.

Commuters are only allowed to book a seat at least one day in advance, up to the last day of the following month. Therefore, they are guaranteed a seat. Payment must be made via PayPal or credit card when booking the seat in the application; payment to the driver when boarding is disallowed. After payment, an e-ticket is stored in the app, which must be presented to the driver for boarding. In addition, a discount of 20 per cent is offered to commuters who book a package five rides in a week.

Passengers holding the e-ticket are able to track the location of their bus, which also carries a Beeline logo on the front windscreen for easy identification.

Please visit for the latest routes, to book a seat, or to crowd-start a new route. More details can be found there.

Additionally, GrabShuttle also operates a group of routes in the Beeline application. GrabShuttle, a bus pooling service by Grab similar to Beeline. In fact, the GrabShuttle app is powered by Beeline, although bookings currently have to be made from the GrabShuttle app. Passengers who book via the Beeline app may not be guaranteed boarding.

Prices for GrabShuttle bus services are between that of private-hire vehicles and public transportation, thereby providing wallet-friendly quick, direct connections.

Booking procedures are identical to that of the Beeline bus services. Passengers may also suggest routes in the app.

Last edited 2 Jul 2017 — PUBLISHING


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