Service 401 affected by road closures for TRI-Factor Triathlon 2017

Last edited 2 Aug 2017 — PUBLISHING

On 6 August 2017, from 0600 h to 1300 h, Bus Service 401 will be temporarily diverted due to road closure for the event. As a result, the following bus stops will be skipped during the diversion period.

  • Road Name Bus Stop Skipped
    East Coast Park Service Road (92191) Opposite Car Park C3
    (93151) Opposite Cable Ski Park
    (93161) Before Car Park E1
    (93171) Opposite Car Park D3
    (93181) Opposite Car Park C4
    Marine Parade Road (93201) Victoria School
    (93039) Laguna Park
    (93049) Lagoon View

The diversion plan is as shown below.

Capture (1).PNG


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