Berth Re-assignment

Last edited 13 Aug 2017 — PUBLISHING

From 27 August 2017, SMRT Buses Private Limited will operate a new Feeder bus service, Bus Service 944, out of the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange Berths A15 – A18.

As such, Bus Service 941 will have its boarding berth re-assigned to Berth B4 and alighting berth at Berths B1 – B2.

Bus 944 will loop at Bukit Batok Road via Bukit Batok West Avenues 3 and 6, serving the HDB BTO developments West Quarry @ Bukit Batok, West Edge @ Bukit Batok, West Plains @ Bukit Batok, West Rock @ Bukit Batok, West Terra @ Bukit Batok, West Valley @ Bukit Batok, and West Ridges @ Bukit Batok. More details can be found at the main article.


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