Bus services

Information in this article with effect from 1 January 2017

In Singapore, busses form a significant part of our public transport system. More than 3.8 million rides per day are taken on some 4200 busses plying more than 300 services.

Bus operators who had bidden successfully operate 14 bus packages altogether under the bus contracting model. The Land Transport Authority owns the bus infrastructure and vehicles under the BCM.

Within the classification of bus services itself, there are many different types of bus services, which include:

  • Trunk services like Service 49 that ply between towns;
  • Short Trips like Service 240A that ply high-demand sectors of their parent route, usually trunk services;
  • Feeder services like Service 240 that operate within a neighbourhood;
  • Intra-Town and Townlink services like Services 812 and 358 respectively that provide links between neighbourhoods of the same town as well as to the bus interchange and MRT Station;
  • Jurong Industrial Services such as Service 246 that serve the Jurong and Tuas industrial estates;
  • Express services like Services 502 and 506 that only call at selected bus stops along its route and generally ply expressways for faster travel between towns;
  • Fast-Forward Services like Service 10e that provide quicker travel between high-demand locations by calling only at these selected bus stops of its parent service;
  • Nightrider and Night Owl Services like Services NR1 and 1N that operate at night on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays only;
  • Chinatown Direct Services like Service CT8 that connect Chinatown and various towns via expressways;
  • Premium Services like Service 542 that are specially-gazetted services that charge flat fares; standing is disallowed on these services;
  • Cross-Border Services like Services CW1 and CW2 that cross the Causeway or Second Link into Malaysia;
  • Resorts World Sentosa Services like Service RWS8 that connect Resorts World Sentosa with other locations; and
  • City Direct Services like Service 651 that connect passengers to and fro Central Singapore.

If you are looking to find out more about these services or are unsure of the routes of a bus service, PTWebSG provides such articles for you.

To find information for a bus service, type ‘ptwebsg.wordpress.com/‘ into your address bar. Next, add in ‘bus’ and the number of the bus you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking for Service 97e, type ‘ptwebsg.wordpress.com/bus97e‘ into your browser’s address bar and you will find information you need there.

Prefixes and suffixes should be included, too.

If you are unable to find any specific bus service, or have any feedback or enquiry , please use the search function at the bottom of every page and contact us. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

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