Opening of Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal

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The new Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal will open on 10 March 2018.

Located at 11A Spooner Road, this bus terminal serves as a replacement for the New Bridge Road Bus Terminal, which will be closed with effect from the same day.

With the move, all bus services previously operating from New Bridge Road Bus Terminal will be amended to 10499 Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

  • Bus Services 2, 12, 54, 121, 122, 174, and 190 will be extended and will call at bus stops 10011, 10041, and 10049. Bus Services 12e, 174e, CT8, and CT18 will only call at bus stop 10011 along the extended route.
  • Bus Service 120 will be shortened and will skip bus stops 10049, 10017, 10021, and 10041.

Several bus stops in the area will be renamed as well.

  • 10011 Opp New Bridge Rd Ter along New Bridge Road will be renamed to ‘Bef Neil Rd’.
  • 10041 Aft Blair Rd along Kampong Bahru Road will be renamed to ‘Bef Kg Bahru Ter’.
  • 10049 Aft Jln Bt Merah along Kampong Bahru Road will be renamed to ‘Opp Kg Bahru Ter’.

Operational hours of the amended bus services for the direction originating from Kampong Bahru will be changed as follows.

  • First bus of Trunk bus services will be brought forward by 5 min. No change to last bus timing.
  • No change to operational hours of Fast Forward, Limited Stop, and Chinatown Direct bus services.

Car-Free Sunday SG & CNY 2018

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On 28 January, 25 March, 27 May, 29 July, 28 October, and 30 December 2018, several bus service will be temporarily diverted from 0800 h to 1200 h due to road closures for an event.




  • 27 January, 1200 h to 2359 h
  • 15 February, 1700 h, to 16 February, 0300 h
  • 25 February, 1400 h to 2359 h


Services 120 and 124 will call at a pair of new bus stops along Telok Blangah St 31

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From 10 December 2017, Bus Services 120 and 124 will call at two new bus stops along Telok Blangah Street 31. The location map of the two bus stops is attached. There is no change to all other operating details.




Bus services affected by permanent closure of bus stop along Kampong Bahru Road

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From 26 November 2017, bus stop 10039 Before Hospital Drive along Kampong Bahru Road will be permanently closed and removed. As such, all bus services will skip the bus stop.

Hence or otherwise, bus services 61, 124, 143, 147, 166, 197, 961, and 961# will call at bus stop 10017 After Hospital Drive instead.

There is no change to the route of all services, and bus services 120, 167, and 196 will not be affected by addition of bus stop.

Temporary Route Diversion for Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Activities in September and October 2017

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On 23 September 2017, from 1400 h to 2359 h, and on 1 October 2017, from 1600 h to 2359 h, Eu Tong Sen Street between Outram Road and Upper Cross Street and New Bridge Road between Upper Cross Street and Kreta Ayer Road will be closed for events. As such, several bus services will be temporarily diverted.



Bus services along North Bridge Road to be diverted for demolition of overhead bridge

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From 11.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 to 5.00 a.m. on Thursday, 3 August 2017, the stretch of North Bridge Road between Coleman Street and High Street will be closed to facilitate the demolition of a pedestrian overhead bridge near The Adelphi.

As such, bus services 32, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 195, 197, 851, and 961 will be amended to Coleman Street, Hill Street, and High Street. The bus stop 04249 Opposite The Treasury will be skipped.

During this period of time, bus services 32, 63, 80, 195, and 851 will skip bus stop 04168 After City Hall Station Exit B along North Bridge Road to facilitate the right turn of busses into Coleman Street. They will temporarily call at 04167 City Hall Station Exit B instead.

Car-Free Sunday Jul and Oct 2017

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